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Bog Line Smokers started out of necessity.  Looking to rent a smoker for an event, it became immediately evident there was a gap in the market here in Canada.  Working in the Oil and Gas industry left us with the skill and ideas to make our own.   We did.  It was successful and the trend continued until one day we felt we could make a fulltime business out of it!  Now we are Canadas Premier Smoker and Open pit grill builder.


We spend a lot of time making sure each unit runs the best it possibly can.  All designs start with Auto CAD and Math.  Everything is a calculated amount.  The baseline always starts cook chamber volume.  After function comes style.  Aesthetics are VERY important to us.  We like to overbuild in quality but keep things simple and uncluttered.  Less is more.


Every Pitmaster, Backyard and Barbecue Business is different.  There is no 'one size fits all' approach to live fire cooking equipment.  We do offer a baseline package for each size and style but after this we work with our Pitmasters to make just right for their goals.

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